Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Kenosha News- This week's focus question

You guys know the drill. Here is this week's focus question-

Do you think sending up to 6,000 National Guard troops to help monitor the Mexican border, as the president suggested last week, is a good way to stop illegal immigration?

For those of you who do not know the drill, here is an explaination:

For those who do not live in Kenosha, the weekly focus question in our local newspaper gives everyone an opportunity to comment on a particular question.

If you would like to respond to this week's focus question, send an email to by noon on Thursday, May 25th. You may also call in a voicemail to 262-656-6205

Please give your sex, your age and the town you live in. You do not have to give your name.
For example, if you are a 29 year old male that lives in Racine, please sign as follows:

29 year old male

1 comment:

BBG said...

Here's what I sent in as an example for ALL of you to do the same

Focus Question Troops to the Border

The additional man power at the border is a good step to FIRST secure our border then deal with the law breaking Illegals
I thank President Bush and Congression Ryan for taking a stand on this issue.
It's long past time to stop what once was a trickle and has become a raging river over flowing it's banks.

59 Male Burlington