Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Vetting problems?

What vetting problems?

According to the media, there were vetting problems with John McCain’s vice presidency pick.

In reality, the only folks is having problems with the vetting process is the media.

McCain’s team did vet Palin, however the media never vetted Palin.

So, McCain picked someone the media was not familiar with. So what?

What becomes painfully clear is that the media desperately wanted Joe Lieberman and is giving the impression that McCain desperately wanted Lieberman, and was forced to change his mind at the last minute. Therefore, the Palin pick was rushed.

Even if it was true, so what?

I was listening to the idiots on MSNBC last night talk about the vetting process and one guy exclaimed that the FBI had not even done a background check.

So what?

The viciousness of the attacks by the media has gone completely beyond respectability.

They cannot get the dirt on the governor, so they proceed to destroy a 17-year-old girl’s life just to get to her mother.

This poor girl and the governor have had to endure being called a whore, a slut and anything else you can imagine on the lefty websites.

Also, the big trooper gate… Turns out, the brother in law was quite a slug and would have been fired by any other state leader in any other state. The slug brother in law, tazed his own son (her nephew), and threatened her family. Now any other state trooper in any other state would have been terminated immediately for threatening to kill the governor. The guy should have been fired and anyone protecting this type of slug should also be fired right along with him.

Her husband got a DUI before they were even married.

Once again, so what?

One thing is clear, the media’s obsession will help Sarah Palin, not hurt her. Sarah Palin is a regular person, just like the rest of us.

Christians are Christians because they are not perfect. Who needs God when you have all of the answers. We are all forgiven, including liberals.

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