Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wham Bam! This is their man?

Everyone knows that Mr. Zamba is a "unique" person, but has he told you about a business he owned in the past?

Here's a story printed in the Milwaukee Journal in 2001

Crooning for love, laughs
Services dress the part to deliver singing telegrams

A firefighter is napping in the station when he's awakened by a pounding on the door. He gets up, groggily opens the door, and is greeted by a man dressed as Cupid, sitting atop a circus elephant.

A dream? No, a singing telegram.

"The girl who sent that one really wanted a skywriter, but we just couldn't get one in time," says Larry Zamba, owner of a Union Grove singing telegram service called WOW! "We thought of sending a belly dancer on top of a camel, but the circus didn't have one. . . . So we got an elephant for a 150 bucks. It was great."

For Valentine's Day, some people opt for something out of the ordinary to surprise that certain someone. A singing telegram, Zamba says, sometimes does the trick.

"We get all kinds of requests around Valentine's Day," says Zamba, whose company usually sees a surge in business around February. "Cupids, barbershop quartets, marriage proposals. . . Sometimes a simple 'I love you' can be enough."
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A man that owned and delivered risque telegrams? This is the best the Democrats can give us as a candidate? What other items in his past is Mr. Zamba not telling us about? Is he a good representation of the people of the 66th district? Is this the guy we want representing us in Madison? (No that's not Austin Powers, that's Larry Zamba.)

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