Thursday, September 25, 2008

I guess he cannot multitask after all.

Everyone is slamming McCain for heading back to Washington instead of going to the debate. Obama went so far as to demand that McCain multitask. What is wrong with McCain? Can't he mulitask?

That is…until the President called…

When the President calls, suddenly Obama is jumping on his plane and going back to Washington to actually work on the problem facing the country.

When McCain calls, Obama is not interested in doing his job in Washington. President calls, now that gets Obama’s attention. Makes you wonder which one of them is really the Bushbot, huh?

I thought you could multitask Obama? Why didn’t you just blow the President off and just tell him that if he really needs you to give you a call?

Leadership? Judgment?

How has Obama shown any kind of leadership and any kind of judgment on this issue at all?

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