Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pucker up, Barack!

Any thoughts I might have had that Obama’s “lipstick on a pig” comment as not being a direct assault on Sarah Palin was quickly brushed from my mind when I came across my boss this morning.

I do not care how many different ways the Obama campaign and the media attempt the spin this, the comment was meant to be insulting.

The comment was meant to be insulting and it was insulting. It was meant to be a cheap shot and it was a cheap shot. It was meant to degrade Sarah Palin and it did degrade Sarah Palin.

The idea that this type of comment was not meant to be sexist and degrading is just more bogus lies.

Who is running Barack Obama’s campaign?

The Obama team is now in hysterics accusing the McCain campaign of telling lies, feigning outrage and swift boating him.

Huh? Barack is the victim here???

Everyone knows what Barack Obama was talking about. Everybody knows what Barack was implying.

What did Obama expect to happen if he made this comment?

This was shear stupidity from Obama campaign.

The comment was something a sexist thug would make. Period!

The worst part about all of this is that many women, just like myself, have to relive this insulting stuff from the men we work with at this very moment, as the men are chuckling around the water cooler. Real funny!

Pucker up Barack, you can kiss my rosy red…

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