Thursday, September 18, 2008

More of the same from Barack Obama

The hacking of Governor Palin’s email account should not be a surprise to anyone.

Perhaps it was because I read the newspaper during my lunch hour at work (I work in Illinois) ever-single day, but I have seen these same campaign tactics at of Barack Obama. Obama has done this before and clearly he has again, employed his normal campaign tactics to win an election.

Vile, despicable campaign shenanigans are the norm when it comes to the Barack Obama campaigns.

In 2004, Barack Obama, along with the media and a liberal judge, destroyed a man’s life in order to win an election.

For the sole purpose of winning an election, Barack Obama exposed the sexual practices of his opponent in the 2004 election.

Seriously, Barack’s accomplices in the media demanded that the contentious divorce records for Republican candidate for US Senate, Jack Ryan, should be public knowledge. So all too willing media accomplices then challenged sealed divorce records and exposed them for all the world to see. The media then proceeded to expose all of the sexual practices of Jack Ryan and his former wife for all the world to see. Very strange stuff his wife said he was into.

In complete and utter humiliation, Jack Ryan withdrew from the senate race leaving Obama to run for US Senate virtually unchallenged.

Of course, Obama “defended” Ryan’s right to privacy in public just like he is defending Sarah Palin’s, but let’s be honest, Barack is was cheering the media on then, just like he is now.

The Obama campaign may claim innocence, but why would anyone believe him after the history of personal destruction against his opponents.

By the way, as the NRO points out today, Obama also has a history of destroying his Illinois opponents also.

Winning an honest and fair election based solely on the issues is not Barack Obama’s style.

You thought hacking the governor’s email was bad, just you wait.

Clearly Obama has no problem with his people breaking the law and crawling though the sludge in order for his political opponents to be damaged. He has had his people do it before and he appears to be all to happy to have it done again.

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