Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Joe Biden: Obama/Osama

No, I do not believe that Barack Obama is a terrorist, but tell that to Joe Biden.

The evening was full of Biden-isms, including the inevitable Obama/Osama slip, made when Biden was discussing the mountainous Afghanistan-Pakistan border "where Obama, Osama Bin Laden lives, and Obama wants to go to get him."

Of course, the talk was when McCain got confused, it was horrible- he cannot even tell the difference between Iraq and Iran, yada yada...

When Joe Biden does it- it is called a Bidenism.

Just read this article and tell me that Joe Biden isn't a rambling mess.

Of course, during that rambling mess, he actually stated that Sarah Palin was qualified. Imagine that.

Think maybe there is some backlash coming????

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I hope, it's OK