Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The good news about the bailout failure

There is plenty of good news about the bailout failure.

I agree with Congressman Paul Ryan on Jay Weber's shot that no Republican input will be necessary to pass the next bill on Thursday or Friday. There will be no taxpayer protection. There will be all kinds of goodies added for groups like ACORN. The Democrats will probably pass the original legislation that they had before John McCain forced the House Republicans into Nancy Pelosi's process.

Chances are pretty good that this will cost the taxpayers a minimum of $700 billion. The Democrats will fall in line behind their leader Nancy Pelosi. Sure she will go off on the Republicans calling them unpatriotic and stuff, but clearly she is going to do that anyway.

I say, let her and her Democrats stand with the President holding the bag on $700 billion in giveaways to Wall Street. That bill will be loaded with additional giveaways to the folks

Bipartisan legislation? Nancy Pelosi does not need bipartisan legislation, all she needs is her partisan buddies and George Bush and she has those already.

Let the Democrats take responsibility for destroying America's economy, because that is where the blame lies.

Kinda funny that it is now the Democrats that are saddled with GW instead of the conservatives.

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