Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Since Obama still wants to debate on Friday

Since Obama still wants to debate on Friday, perhaps he and Joe Biden can go ahead and debate each other. Those two definitely have some issues to work out.

First, Biden dared Obama to take his guns from him.

Then, Biden spoke out against the ridiculous computer email ad.

Of course, we have the whole AIG thing where the Obama camp insisted that McCain was against the AIG bailout before he was for it. Problem was, Biden had the same stance as McCain.

And then the whole coal debate between the two of them. The official Obama stance is for clean coal until Joe Biden spoke out against any coal plants in the US.

Yep- Obama and Biden should definetly debate these issues, especially since they are running on the same ticket.

In the meantime, the grownups can get some work done in Washington to do their jobs and take care of the people that elected them to begin with.

(See- I told you my campaign against Obama and Biden would continue)

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