Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Toss out your credit cards America

Go ahead, cut them up.

Get rid of the credit cards, your no longer may use them.

Clearly, that is what America is telling their legislative leaders.

I am all for that.

I am 100% opposed to handing over a blank check to Wall Street.

I am equally opposed to doing nothing.

Doing nothing means ever single American must toss their credit cards and pay for everything in cash.

That means everything. Car repairs? You need cash. Small business owners need to make payroll? You need cash.

Your taxes are coming due in a couple of months. You better have cash.

Instead of working out a plan where we could lend our government the money, instead the ultimate power grab took place.

President Bush, along with the Democrats, put together a plan that would raid the pockets of every single American for $700 billion.

Yes, the Democrats were part of the massive bailout plan that empowered the government to take $700 billion. They can continue to deny it, but the American people will eventually figure it out.

So, what happened to the House Republican plan that would not only infuse the money(capital) into Wall Street that it needs to survive, but also keep the taxpayers from having to foot the bill for this?


Let Wall Street bail itself out with perhaps a loan from taxpayers?

Now that is a novel thought.

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