Monday, September 22, 2008

Welcome back, Senator Obama

Let me be one of the first to welcome the Senator back to our wonderful state of Wisconsin.

I bet this is not a place that the good senator from Illinois planned on visiting so often before his great presidential coronation.

After all, just two short months ago, Senator Obama had an insurmountable 13 to 16 point lead in polling in this state. This was a state that Obama did not have to really worry about. It was solidly in Obama’s corner.

Today, the numbers range from 1% to a 3% advantage for Barack Obama.

So let me just say to the Obama team, welcome back.

Sorry that we cannot make it easy for the Senator, but there are still plenty of conservatives in this state willing to fight against tax increases, stand against government mandated socialist medical care and the stand against Obama and Biden’s politics of personal destruction.

We will fight for every vote in this state.

So welcome back, Senator Obama. My guess is that you will need many more trips to this state if you plan on holding it.

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