Monday, September 29, 2008

Hey Nancy, Harry and new Democratic Party leader, Barack Obama…

It was your job to get the bailout passed.

You control the HOUSE and the SENATE, not the Republicans.

For days, you have been harping on John McCain to force the Republicans to back this plan.

But this plan did not need any Republican support to pass.

The Democrats did not need one single Republican vote to get this to pass in either chamber of the Congress.

All they needed was the Democrats to vote for this.

Now, total failure by both houses of Congress.

Barack Obama, you have been screaming and yelling that McCain should get no credit for the bailout. All of your ideas were the ideas embraced by this “bi-partisan” bill.

Well, Barack- great leadership skills there. Your “bi-partisan” bill just failed. Rejected by not only Republicans, but Democrats too.

Speaking of which- most of America rejected your “bi-partisan” bill also.

People keep saying that this is Bush’s failure.

Bush cannot write the legislation or pass the legislation, only Congress can and that is controlled by the Democrats.

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