Monday, September 08, 2008

Who does Peter Barca plan to work for?

I know that there is no Republican running in the 64th Assembly district, but still it has been entertaining watching the drama taking place on the democratic side of the ticket.

The question I have as we watch the drama unfold is "Who does Peter Barca plan on working for?" I know that he would claim that he plans on working for the people of the 64th distict, but I wonder.

Let us start with the fact that Peter Barca was a former congressman. Questions are still swirling as to why he would want to go backwards and work as assembly person again. Certainly does not make sense to the average person. So why run for assembly now???

Probably the worst act of this election was the fact that Peter Barca quietly sat back for months as two other candidates worked their tails off to gain the support of many of Kenosha's locals. Out of the clear blue, the day before the filing deadline, Peter Barca filed is paperwork allowing him to run. This completely cut the legs out from under the two democrats that had been out for months working to win the nomination.

Only one of the two previous candidates still remains in the race to date. I give credit to Jim Huff for continuing on despite the odds that are against him.

The biggest reason I question Peter's dedication to Kenosha is a fundraiser held in his honor in Milwaukee. Sure, politicians raise money outside their districts all the time. Normally the fundraiser is held somewhere in their district.

Not for Peter Barca. Instead this fundraiser was hosted in Milwaukee, by Mayor Tom Barrett, in a penthouse suite.


Honestly, a penthouse suite in Milwaukee, with Milwaukee's elite, is light years away from truly representing the values of the Kenosha residents. Kenosha is not about penthouse suites, we are blue collar.

Does Peter Barca plan on representing the high rollers of Milwaukee or the people of Kenosha?

Right now Kenosha has a choice between a high roller in Peter Barca or a former police officer Jim Huff.

I say this choice is easy. Kenosha is blue collar.

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