Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Troopergate- It is time for the truth to come out

Finally, the McCain-Palin camp is fighting back and the truth is coming out.

Unbeknownst to most of America, this joke of an investigation into “trooper gate” is finally being revealed.

Only Amanda Carpenter from Townhall has been making any waves into how this entire investigation has been conducted.

Let us start with the fact the person accusing Governor Palin of abuse of power is buddies with the people heading the investigation.


I should say.

Next, those conducting the investigation are very vocal Barack Obama supporters. In fact, when the Republicans in the legislature attempting to get the Obama supporters removed from this investigation, the person heading the investigation (another Obama supporter) turned them down.

On top of this, the Obama supporters have already promised an “October surprise” proving they have already determined the outcome.

Also, remember that “subpoena” for Todd Palin? Turns out that the “investigators” manipulated the list of subpoenaed names. The Democrats and Barack Obama have been tampering with the investigation.

They are so desperate to destroy Governor Sarah Palin that they are willing do whatever it takes, including manipulate the process, to make that happen.

Barack Obama and the Democrats have their hands all over this investigation and now they are attempting to make hay over the fact that the Governor is now refusing to cooperate.

They are so desperate to destroy Governor Sarah Palin that they are willing do whatever it takes, including manipulate the process, to make that happen.

This entire investigation was a joke from the beginning. Even the Safety Commissioner Mike Monegan stated that he was never told to fire the state trooper, but he said he was contacted a lot by the governor’s team. So what!

Over and over again this particular state trooper was in trouble. From drinking in a squad car to tazering his stepson, the governor’s nephew, this state trooper wreaked havoc in the lives of the people around him. When he began to threaten the lives of the governor’s family that should have been the breaking point for the Safety Commissioner.

The state trooper was even investigated and all of the allegations were substantiated. The trooper was suspended for his actions.

Now it turns out that the real last straw, according to emails, the Safety Commissioner, against the will of the governor, decided to take a state paid trip to Washington DC to beg for earmarked money from Senator Ted Stevens. Not a wise move. Anyone believing that it is wise to pack your bags and head to Washington in order to work around your boss’ directive is begging to be fired.

Think about it. If you decided that you wanted a raise and you boss had already turned you down and you decided to pack your bags and head to Washington to work around your boss, what would your boss do? You would be fired.

It is unbelievable that the media is so in the tank for Barack Obama that they are willing to allow all of the details to this investigation to go unpublished, even as they keep claiming “troopergate” could be a problem for the governor. Over and over they mention “troopergate” but never give any details. So are you curious as to why that is?

Clearly the media and the Obama campaign do not want you to know the details. If you knew the details then perhaps you would come to a different conclusion than the one they want you to have.

I think it was a very wise move for Governor Palin to refuse to cooperate. Perhaps the truth will finally come out about this incident.

Even better she released the email communications that exonerates her.

Among the e-mails released was one of farewell written by the public safety
commissioner himself, Walt Monegan, when he was fired in July. In it, he
suggested the governor had reason to believe she had lost his support, and urged
his former colleagues to communicate better with her.
"For anyone to lead
effectively they must have the support of their team, and I had waited too long
outside her door for her to believe that I supported her," he wrote. "Please,
choose a different path."

Maybe now the media can face the real truth and stop playing games.

Maybe now the Obama campaign will stop lying to the American people about what really happened and stop trying to manipulate the investigation to create the outcome they want.

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