Thursday, September 18, 2008

Of course it was Hagel

Every single time I see one of these headlines stating that "GOP Senator says..." and the article is blasting a GOP person, normally you can run to Chuck Hagel and he is the culprit for whatever insult.

"GOP Senator: A 'stretch to say Palin is qualified"

So Hagel has done it again.

The biggest problem is that Hagel has been like this for years and is supportive of Barack Obama, not John McCain. Hagel even traveled to Iraq with the Presidential Candidate with no foreign policy experience. Of course, he does not dare comment on the PRESIDENTIAL candidates as it relates to experience, instead he slashes the woman on the ticket.

Typical Hagel.

I wonder if Hagel realizes yet that he is being used and abused by the Democrats yet?

Of course it is just fine to disagree even with people in your own party, but the media sticks a mic in face and Hagel spouts the liberal talking points.

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