Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Palin panic

Now the game is on.

The Democrat and media elites are in an absolute panic.

There hysterical(not in the funny way) reaction has reached a fevered pitch.

It should be called the Palin panic.

I know that many in the media and on the Democrat side of the ailse are beating, bashing and groping for any sign of dirt they can fling at Governor Palin.

The first dirtpile they picked up was her lack of experience. Problem is, she has more executive experience than the top of their ticket. She has actually vetoed legislation as governor of Alaska.

Even her experience in the PTA gives her more experience that the top of the Dem ticket.

Have you ever been to a PTA meeting?

There is no political experience that is more vicious, more conniving, and more cut throat than a PTA meeting.

Picture this, you find yourself standing between a mother bear and her baby cubs, YIKES! Now picture an entire room of these types of mother bears as they protect their baby cubs! That is a PTA meeting!

Joe Biden ain't got nothing compared to the PTA mom, Sarah Palin! She will wipe the floor with him.

Something is happening here to the standard ole' Republican party. For years many of the hard core Republicans have been looking for someone to shake things up.

To the political geeks, we have known about Governor Sarah Palin for a while, but the media has ignored the changes she is forcing in Alaskan politics.

In spite of the negative quotes coming from the media, the political talking heads and the Democrats, the base of the Republican party and independent voters are fired up.

This is a fire that I can honestly say I have never seen before.

Our local office was buzzed up yesterday and today. People who I have not seen since 2004 were coming in yesterday and today. The yard signs and bumper stickers were flying out the door. We do not even have the McCain/Palin stuff in yet, folks were grabbing what they could get.

Our volunteer base has double just in the last two days. We had folks walking in off the streets just to get some info and signing up to volunteer.

No wonder the media and the Democrats are on the attack.

It is called the Palin Panic!!!

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