Monday, August 18, 2008

What a great armchair quarterback Obama is

It is easy being an armchair quarterback.

I know Barack Obama is attempting to convince people that he was being tough when making armchair quarterback decisions, but what happens when reality slaps him in the face. In reality, his armchair quarterback decisions mean nothing in real life and death decisions.

I am sure the Obamabots bought into the ridiculous answers given by their god, Barack, but most Americans are smart enough to see through this.

Obama was asked by Pastor Rick Warren what was his most gut wrenching decision. Obama’s answer????

His opposition to the Iraq war was his most gut wrenching decision.

Seriously, he said that. Good grief!

Obama was an Illinois state senator, who has absolutely no access to national security and no responsibility for national security. Obama was not responsible for sending Americans into combat, nor were any American lives at stake because he said “go” or “stay”.

Barack Obama’s opposition to the war was no more of a gut wrenching decision than any of the rest of America had to make. We all had to decide whether or not to support the Iraq war. We had access to the same information Obama had access to.

If Barack Obama had a difficult time deciding whether or not to support the Iraq war to his friends and family, perhaps he is not qualified to be president.

After all, the decisions the President makes have real life and death consequences. If Barack has difficulty making decisions that have no consequence, what good will he be in a crisis?

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