Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Replace Congressman John Murtha

In a May 17, 2006 press conference, Congressman John Murtha began a horrifying smear campaign against 8 Marines involved in Haditha Iraq.

At the time, Congressman Murtha called these Marines "cold blooded killers".

Since that time, 7 of the 8 Marines have been cleared of any wrongdoing. One man remains, who is still awaiting his day in court.

Never once has Congressman Murtha apologized or even retracted his statement.

Well, there are some folks still angry about it.

Angry or not, one man has stepped forward to take on John Murtha this November.

His name is Lt. Colonel Bill Russell.

The man could use your help. Join the Russell Brigade today.

In the meantime, I picked this up from his website. This is a video created by one of the father's of the Haditha Marines.

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