Thursday, August 28, 2008

Zamba = ???

I was driving down the road this past Monday, and I came upon this sign:
A few thoughts came to my mind.

Where is the disclaimer on this "beautiful" sign?

Why do Democrats feel the need to put "Democrat" on their signs? Could it be because they assume their supporters are lemmings without the ability to make decisions of their own? Is the candidate's thought process, "oh, I'll put Democrat on my sign, then they'll know to vote for me, not based on my ideas or stances on the issues, but just because I'm a Democrat."

I've decided if I ever run for office, I'm going to put "Conservative" on my signs, heck, maybe I'd get a few votes that way. It apparently works for Democrats.

Now aside from those thoughts I had this one:

What does Zamba=Healthcare mean? Doesn't everyone, including illegal aliens, have access to healthcare in this country? (The BEST healthcare in the world) If someone walks into a hospital ER, they will get treated won't they? The hospital does not have the right to turn them way.

This sign makes no actual point on issues affecting us today.

Because I have so much spare time on my hands, I decided to design some signs that are more fitting for the Zamba campaign. Maybe he'll take my ideas and make these signs to display. For some reason, I doubt it, even though they are telling the truth on the issues affecting all Wisconsinites.

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