Sunday, August 24, 2008

Change you can no longer believe in

I would love to peek into the minds of those folks who actually believe that Joe Biden was a good pick by Barack Obama.

Barack Obama's entire political message was destroyed in one failed vice presidential pick.

The message is gone.

The message from Barack Obama was "Change you can believe in".

Obama's main message of "Change you can believe in" was standing on some pretty wobbly legs as it was. The message began to wobble when folks actually began asking details on what "change" Obama planned on bringing.

Well, the message went from wobbly to dead in one day.

Barack Obama picked a 35 year Washington insider as his running mate.

35 years ago, I lived in Delaware. My father was a naval officer stationed in Lewes, Delaware. I was heading off to elementary school when Joe Biden was elected.

That was so long ago that the naval base no longer exists, it is a state park now featuring the Biden Center.

One thing that has been made perfectly clear by Barack Obama with his Joe Biden pick, there will be no change and there really is nothing new to believe in.

The message that has carried Barack Obama to the verge of the presidency has now been sacrificed.

So stop for just a moment and think about Barack Obama's message- give me one word that describes where he stands...

Change? No that is dead.

Judgement? No that issue is dead also. Barack told us that he had the judgment to lead and as proof, he was against the Iraq war from the beginning. He has now picked a running mate who was a cheerleader for the Iraq war.

So what is it?

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