Monday, August 04, 2008

A stunning moment of honesty...

For years, the media elites have denied liberal media bias. Yesterday, in a stunning moment of honesty, one media personality finally broke down and admitted a few truths about the media bias heavily slanted towards Barack Obama:

That McCain's complaint is sometimes overstated and imprudent, however, does not mean that it is wrong. The political press corps has a problem when Jon Stewart lampoons reporters for being even more in the tank for Obama than he is.

Why are the media so smitten with Obama? Journalists have an affinity for the Democratic nominee in part because he is a wordsmith and they make a living manipulating words and symbols, so they have a special appreciation for his gifts. But another part of the reason is, yes, plain old liberal bias. McCain was a press darling when he was a maverick dissenting from the Republican Party from points left. Obama has become one by succeeding as a down-the-line liberal. When McCain decided this time around to court conservative Republican voters as much as liberal reporters, the coverage of him became more critical. Notice a pattern?

At this point, denying that the press has a liberal tilt, particularly on social issues, is like denying that the universities have one. Surveys of reporters show that they have more liberal views than the public; surveys of the public show that readers and viewers pick up on it.

I could not help but notice one of the reasons given by this reporter as to why Obama is so beloved by the media is his ability to manipulate words.

I think most Americans are well aware that most in the media are liberal, but it is not often that you hear from a media personality that they are manipulating their words to support their liberal agendas. At least someone is willing to admit that is what they are doing.

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