Thursday, August 28, 2008

Now why would I defend the media?

Far be it from me to defend the media, but this is America and we do have a 1st amendment.

This reporter was on public property, a sidewalk, taking photos of Democratic Senators and lobbyists as they entered and exited a hotel during the DNC convention.

The police officer then proceeded to push the producer out into the middle of the road and from there one officer, with a cigar hanging out of his mouth, proceed to wrap his hands around the throat of the producer to place him under arrest.

What was the crime?

Not even 2 weeks ago we were scolding China for not allowing the press to roam freely around the streets.

We wagged our fingers at China as we "tsk, tsk", talking about freedom.

Then this.

Right here in our country, the land of the free, we did precisely the same thing China was doing a few weeks ago.

That is garbage.

I do not care if it was the hotel that requested the media be removed or if the patrons of the hotel meeting inside that wanted the media removed from the public sidewalk.

What happened here is pathetic.

Watch the video.

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