Saturday, August 02, 2008

Nice try Obama, nothing has changed

Of course Senator Obama is attempting change his image when it comes to drilling for American oil. After all, it is all about the Senator's image.

The good senator now wants you to believe that he is all for domestic drilling, even though he has steadfastly opposed drilling in America.

He says what he says now, because Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are there to protect him. Pelosi flat out will not allow a vote on drilling.

Anyone find it strange that the moment the Congress left for vacation and cannot cast a vote for the next 5 weeks, suddenly Obama is entertaining the idea of drilling for oil. He certainly will not have to back up his words.

Every single Democrat facing their constituents over the next 5 weeks will be making the same claim.

Folks- they are just words.

We all know that Barack Obama will do anything and say anything to get elected. This is about Barack's image, nothing more.

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