Thursday, August 03, 2006

How did we get stuck with Feingold and Kohl?

Seriously, I just do not get it. Why vote against this bill when you support 99% of it?

Both Feingold and Kohl have every intention of voting against the minimum wage/estate tax cut bill.

AP story

Both men say they support reform of the estate tax and both men support a increase in minimum wage. Yet, both men will vote against the current bill that has both a minimum wage increase and will reform the most outlandish tax every created by our government- the estate tax.

Kohl seems to understand that the estate tax is hurting the middle class Americans who own a small business and farms, etc...

Kohl called it a "tough vote," because he supports the minimum wage increase, as well as raising the exemption on the estate tax so that virtually every farm and business is exempt.

Even so knowing this, Kohl will vote against the bill because in the year 2015, the estate tax rate will go from 37% down to 30%.

We are talking 7% tax break for a tiny minority of Americans, and Feingold and Kohl stick every single middle class and lower class American.

Kohl's response-

"Where this proposal falls short is it's extremely expensive because of the reduction of the rate at the top," said Kohl, a multimillionaire.

"Big Government" Feingold on the other hand, says he supports estate tax reform, but refuses to give estate tax cuts to anyone, including farmers and small business owners. Feingold wants his tax dollars from anyone he can get them from and he will stick it every single person working at minimum wage today in order to keep those tax dollars piling up 9 years from now.

Feingold's response-

In his statement, Feingold said that increasing the minimum wage was "long overdue," but said the estate tax cut would saddle the country with debt.

If either of these two men were men of principles and character, they would stand up for the little guy making minimum wage, the farmers who have dedicated their lives to growing food for Americans, and the small business owners that keep Americans employed.

Instead, these two men are willing to sacrifice all of these people in order to stick Paris Hilton with an extra 7%. If these two men really cared about the minimum wage as they say, they would take the high road instead of worrying about the fact that Republicans wrote the bill and they will not get credit for it.

Do they have any principles left or do they just care about the politics now?

These two are so busy playing politics that they completely ignore the people they say they are fighting to protect. If they truly cared about a "living wage", they would ignore the politics and just get the job done that they were sent to Washington to do.


Kate said...

"Do they have any principles left or do they just care about the politics now?"

You know the answer to that question. They have both proved their lack of worth, time and time again.

This DJ said...

You got stuck with Feingold and Kohl because the last election Kohl won by like 30 points and Feingold triumphed pretty well against conservitive love child Tim Michels.

Maybe, you field a viable not nutso conservitive candidate, and you might get something more preferable.

BBG said...

Fielding a good candidate is one issue and a good point.

Another is getting out the honest voter. You know the ones that don't vote liberal.

The liberals favorites come from vacant lots.

With that said we tend to get what we vote (or not) for.