Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I cannot say that I am very surprised. Governor Doyle’s friends on the State Elections Board changed a rule about campaign donations that only effect Mark Green’s campaign. To make matters even more partisan, they made the rule retroactive.

Mark Green legally transferred funds from his congressional account to his gubernatorial account and followed the rules that were in place at that time. This transaction took place in January of 2005.

Today the State Elections board made some of the PAC funds that Green transferred illegal and made the rule retroactive. Funds that were transferred legally a year and a half ago are no longer legal today. About $150,000 to $200,000 can no longer be used by the Green campaign.

Just this past Friday, an attorney for the State Elections Board stated:

The memo was written in response to a complaint from the nonpartisan Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, which argued Green was $156,140 over the state limit of $485,000 in political action committee donations. The WDC also said Green should not be allowed to spend nearly $468,000 in money received from PACs not registered in Wisconsin.But Dunst said in the memo that the money in question was raised by Green as a member of Congress and therefore not counted under the limit for candidates for governor. The clock on counting contributions for Green's race for governor started on Jan. 1, 2005, Dunst said.Wisconsin has no law that counts money raised in one campaign as donations received for another when it is carried over, Dunst said.

The State Elections Board changed this rule today to benefit Jim Doyle.

This is ludicrous.

I am calling on every single person who is a Green supporter to do two things.

Donate to Mark Green’s Campaign if you can. Donate the maximum $10,000 if you can. If you cannot donate any money, the Green campaign would gladly use you for lit drops, making phone calls or distribute yard signs!
Call the state elections board. Call your state senators and representatives. It is time to throw a hissyfit!

I have never heard of any state elections board every pulling this kind of stunt before. This will end up in court. In the meantime, we must elect an new governor.

With this little stunt that the Jim Doyle and state elections board pulled today, this is proof positive that Jim Doyle and the State Elections board are completely corrupt!


This DJ said...

If it ends up in court, Green Loses.

If he just sucks it up and gives back that money, he doesn't.


Whining and throwing an exclimation point filled "Hissyfit" gets you pretty much nowhere.

Frankly, this will have nothing to do with the race as at this point in time Green can snap his fingers and raise that money back.

And isn't the race not about money? Considering Mark Green is going to get "outspent"

I put outspent in quotes because if that actually happens, I will personally write in Reince Pribus to be elected for every elected position for an entire year.

Anonymous said...

This ruling is an outrage. More proof that Doyle and his buddies will do whatever they can get away with. Green supporters, unite against this injustice!

Anonymous said...

I share your frustration. I am affraid similarities to the Tim Michels Campaign are begining to show. If the VFW PAC endroses Doyle my head will explode. It is time for Mark to sit down with Campaign Manager Mark and talk about getting the issues out to the public. And that has to happen now. We cannot let our state be in the hands of this crook for another four years.

Cate said...

I thought the JS said today that it was actually more like $400,000, but either way, it SUCKS.

Know what though? Everytime Republicans get knocked down by dirty, low-ball tactics, we just get more energized.

Bring it, Doyle.

Josh Schroeder said...

I skimmed this post; just one thing I wanted to mention. The SEB is not completely corrupt. They did not make a unanimous decision because one abstained and two voted in favor of the transfer.

K. Carpenter said...

Yes Josh, you and Super Mom are right. The SEB is not completely corrupt and it was almost $500,000 that they demanded Green give back.