Friday, September 11, 2009

The President's detailed plan for healthcare reform

There you go. Here is the link to the President's super detailed plan on healthcare reform. After all, he promised details would be finally be delivered in his speech on 09/09/09.


You don't see the detailed plan in that link?

What is wrong with a detailed plan consisting of only one page?

What, you have heard all of this before?

What, you have heard these pie-in-the-sky promises before?

Personally, I do not know what is wrong with conservatives today! How dare you wonder what the actual details are in Obama's detailed plan! The details are right here in this detailed document, just as the President promised he would provide!

***I am being sarcastic***

Anybody actually doing any research on this is smart enough to recognize that there are no details in the Obama plan. He has no clue how to keep the promises he just made to America again!

The President can say his plan will not raise the deficit one dime, but the actual detailed plan(HR 3200) does indeed raise the deficit. On and on this garbage continues to roll from the President's lips.

What have we learned from the President's speech?

No one is allowed to call the President a liar, even when he is lying! It is perfectly acceptable for the President to call Sarah Palin a liar, even when she has proof that she is telling the truth.


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