Saturday, September 05, 2009

Obama administration granting ethics waivers

Yes, indeed. The most ethical government ever.

You remember the praise and adulation heaped on the President for signing the ethics mandate on his first day in office?

Of course, we have known all along that President Obama had no REAL objections to hiring lobbyists and such while he was campaigning, but many in the media were suckers enough to run with that theme.

Quietly released late on a Friday afternoon, on a holiday weekend, the Obama administration released the names of those that he has provided an ethics waiver for:

The White House late on Friday published ethics waivers for several political appointees in the administration, setting aside the executive order President Barack Obama signed on his first full day in office.

The move to disclose the waivers came after public interest groups pushed the administration to consolidate waivers granted by other federal agencies besides the White House into one location, which has turned out to be the Office of Government Ethics website. Six waivers have now been granted to staff at the White House and ten to employees at other agencies.

Oh, but don't worry, this is only a tiny percentage of the folks working in Obama's administration.

Of course, I do not remember the President stating that he only planned to waiver a little bit on his promise.

You have got to feel real good about our nation's top cop, the Attorney General, actually got an ethics waiver, huh?

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