Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Iran dictating inspection terms to the world

How pathetic is this?

Instead of being the aggressor and standing up for the innocent people of the world, our President and many other world leaders are hanging back waiting for Iran to tell us what THEIR timetable for letting inspectors in will be:

Iran will soon tell the International Atomic Energy Agency when it can inspect the Islamic republic's recently revealed nuclear facility, the country's state-run Press TV reported.

The head of Iran's nuclear program made the announcement in an interview with Press TV on Monday, but he did not give a timetable for the potential inspection.

Iran revealed the existence of the covert uranium enrichment site last week, drawing condemnation from the West.

The country has also launched a series of missile tests which provoked a further strong response from Western leaders. Saturday, Iran tested short-range missiles, and Monday, it fired two types of long-range missiles.

What Tehran described as routine military exercises, France and the United States called "destabilizing" and "provocative."

Iran claims its nuclear enrichment program is intended for peaceful purposes, but the international community accuses the country of continuing to try to develop nuclear weapons capability.


Not to worry though, I am certain our President will send a strongly worded letter to the brash Iranian government.

That should handle the problem!

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