Friday, September 04, 2009

Why is he still working in the White House?

Something has got to give on Van Jones. This guy has got to be a PR nightmare for President Obama. The idea that this guy has not been fired yet is staggering

It was awful PR when it was discovered this week that Green Jobs Czar Van Jones was an admitted communist.

Then the inflammatory comments describing Republicans with obscenities also reflected badly on President Obama. Well, Van Jones apologized for that, so no big deal, right?

But this latest revelation that Van Jones is a 9/11 truther is beyond the pale. Why was this guy not fired immediately?

This man signed a petition demanding to know why his government would murder 3000 people. A crackpot theory that has gotten way too much attention.

Van Jones is now telling people that he did not really believe this stuff, but he does not deny signing the petition.

Why is he still employed by President Obama?

I think it is simple enough to figure out. The President does not know what to do. He really does not know what to do. The President's green jobs initiatives actually collapses if this guy gets fired. This was his guy. This is the President's policy.

Maybe it is time to stop appointing these Czars. No vetting process, no experience necessary. Billions of dollars handed over to these Czars. Van Jones has been handed $30 Billion.

If Van Jones fails, the President fails.

The President's handlers do not want the President to be hit with another failure.

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