Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This Gallup Poll has to be devasting to ObamaCare

This poll sought to find out how many Americans are currently satisfied with the quality of their own insurance plans and the cost of those plans.

Even I was stunned by these poll numbers from Gallup.

80% of Americans are at least satisfied by the quality of care and 61% are satisfied with the cost of medical care!

Also stunning... 50% of those people without health care coverage are satisfied with the quality of health care! Even 27% of uninsured Americans are satisfied with the costs of health care.

Why in the world would President Obama even think of messing with people's private health care and Medicare with these kinds of poll number?

Oh that is right, President Obama wants to take away your ability to make your own decisions on just about everything, including making your own decisions about your life and you death.

This poll was taken after President Obama's big speech in front of Congress. Since when is 80% of America happy with anything.

Liberal think: 80% of America is satisfied, we better change it now!

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