Thursday, September 10, 2009

Just words, again

I was in a city council meeting all night and did not watch one word of the President's speech. I have, however, read plenty about the President's speech last night.

Most notable, a Republican got up in the middle of the President's speech and called him a liar when he said illegal immigrants would not be covered under his healthcare plan.

This moment reminded of the debate for immigration reform in 2006. A piece of legislation had finally been written to create a 2000 mile fence Mexico/American border. That legislation was passed and many conservatives, including myself, got excited. Finally the long awaited fence would be built.

I was wrong. Within a few minutes of posting a weblog about this long awaited fence, someone emailed me the truth. There would be no fence, because there was no funding mechanism in place to pay for a fence.

No funding=no fence.

What we had here was nothing more than a piece of paper with some words on it. I was furious with President Bush and the conservatives that wrote a bunch of empty words on a piece of paper just to make people feel good. The President/Congress had lied to me and they had done it on purpose.

So when I heard of the moment last night about a congressman calling the President a liar, my mind went back to that unfunded fence.

The Democrats have placed these words on a piece of paper:

Nothing in this subtitle shall allow Federal payments
for affordability credits on behalf of individuals who are
not lawfully present in the United States.

Looks good and all, doesn't it? The President made this claim last night. Some folks have already figured out the real truth about this.

Congress has provided no mechanism in the legislation to actually enforce this law. There is no mechanism that will enforce that a person's immigration status be checked.

In fact, when given the opportunity, via an amendment, to actually provide a mechanism to check a person's immigration status before providing them with taxpayer funded healthcare, the truth was finally revealed. The Democrats, in committee, overwhelming rejected the amendment. Only one Democrat actually voted for the immigration status check.

If a person's immigration status cannot be checked, there is no way to keep illegal immigrants from benefiting from this plan.

We have the same events happening now as we did in 2006. We have nothing more than some words on a piece of paper.

Now we can all try to give the President the benefit of the doubt on this issue, but it is very hard to convince Americans that he is not aware there is no plan in place to actually keep illegal immigrants from health care.

President Obama= just empty words on a piece of paper.(just like President Bush's empty words in 2006)

Still many in the media today are attempting to prove that Obama was not lying about this. Fact checking is great, but perhaps they need to not be such suckers and actually look for the real truth. Eventually the truth will come out and the empty words will be exposed.

Unfortunately, the empty rhetoric may be exposed too late and millions of Americans will be paying for health care for illegal immigrants when they cannot afford their own healthcare.

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