Sunday, September 06, 2009

More radical Obama associations

You would have thought that after the election, President Obama no longer had to worry about his sketchy association with radicals.

Actually it has gotten worse. So little work was done by the mainstream media to actually vet some of these associations, that the radicals are trickling into the Obama Administration.

Van Jones should have never made it as far as he did with the Obama Administration. They either failed to vet him or they just ignored his radical ties.

BTW, not a single Republican cares about being called "a*******". In fact, I am positive that even Republicans have called each other this name. I know people have said this about me also.

As far as the hooo-haaa about this being Glen Beck's paypack to Van Jones because a radical group was getting advertisers
to drop him...that is a bunch of garbage.

Glen Beck exposed Van Jones long as a communist long before the whole hooo-haaa broke out about the advertisers.

In fact, it appears that Van Jones, as the leader of the group playing games over advertisers may have actually retaliated against Glen Beck after Beck exposed Van Jones to be avowed communist and anarchist.

Clearly Van Jones was just another in a long line of Obama's questionable associates.

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