Wednesday, September 16, 2009

ObamaCare: Hit#8 Massachusetts government health care another 10% increase in costs

An article that is getting no coverage today, shows the devastating affect of government run health care. Technically, like today's Baucus plan, everyone has "private" insurance. We know it is not really "private", just like we know the Baucus plan is not really private also.

The Massachusetts plan that was pushed as an example for health care reform, is going up by another 10% this year.

On the front page of today's Boston Globe:

The higher insurance costs undermine a key tenet of the state’s landmark health care law passed two years ago, as well as President Obama’s effort to overhaul health care. In addition to mandating insurance for most residents, the Massachusetts bill sought to rein in health care costs. With Washington looking to the Massachusetts experience, fears about higher costs have become a stumbling block to passing a national health care bill.

“It’s all about medical costs going up,’’ said Brian Pagliaro, senior vice president at Tufts Health Plan in Watertown, which predicts an average increase of 9.5 percent for 2010. “The dollar you’re paying now will be $1.09 for the same service next year.’’


Another devastating blow to ObamaCare.

PS. This is really bad timing to have this released at the same time that the federal government is ramming this down our throats. Also bad timing for former governor Mitt Romney. This Republican wants to be our next president. With the way america is rejecting ObamaCare, does he really think that RomneyCare will be any better?

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