Tuesday, September 08, 2009

About that speech to school children

The truth about the Obama speech to our school children is that it was originally a political ploy by the Obama administration. It has been know for weeks that President Obama was planning on giving a speech to the school children. During that time frame, you heard very little from conservatives or anyone else about this speech. There was no parental uprising taking place.

It was not until the suggested lesson plans were made public at the end of August that the uprising began.

In those lesson plans were suggestions that teachers ask their students to "Write a letter to themselves asking what they can do help the President". The answers to those questions were to then be held up for public ridicule from their classmates. And another "How does the President inspire me?".

Once reading the lesson plans by the Obama Administration, parents all across this country recognized it for what this was...another political game being played out by America's most egotistical president in American history. More on this in a moment.

The President and his administration decided to play a political game with our country's children. Of course, the accomplice media played right along with the President.

If this speech by the President was truly innocuous, as the media is attempting to tell Americans, then why the ridiculous lesson plans? Why were the suggested lesson plans removed from the White House website?

Obviously, the head of America's educational system had an advanced copy of the President's speech and wrote the suggested lesson plans and then published them nation wide. Why is it then, that the President's speech could not be published immediately? Instead America had to wait several days to find out what the President intended to say.

Only a blithering idiot or the Obama loving media actually believe that the President's speech has not been changed from the President's originally planned speech.

Of course, the speech was changed!

This was a political game being played by the President, nothing more. Americans recognized it for what it was and revolted.

Of course, the accomplice media is having a field day calling conservatives racists again. They have got to defend their President from being embarrassed by Americans revolting. After all, Americans did not care when President Bush gave his speech, but because a black President is giving the speech, conservatives are revolting.

For a perfect example of the Obama brain dead media, read this piece of drivel written by Michael Daly "Our kids need President Obama's wisdom".

Seriously, could these Obama robots be any more in the tank with the President than they are?

President Obama writes the script for the media and they trip along right behind him as if they no longer have brains of their own.

I was neither shocked or surprised by this move from Team Obama. This was a political game meant to once again reign praise on the President. President Obama needs this type of reassuring from the media and his supporters.

This is why the President cannot stop campaigning. The roar of the crowd, the adulation, the lovefest...he cannot seem to survive without it.

That is all this move was, another political ploy, another moment to fawn over the President.

It does not seem to stop with this President.

To President Obama:

You are the President. No need to campaign any longer.

Ultimately, the President is using America's kids as props, and he is not the first to do it. President Bush the first, did the same thing as the Democrats told us many years ago.

The Washington Examiner points out this very point today.

I will ask the same question the Democrats did so many years ago... How much is this self promotion costing the taxpayers?

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