Wednesday, September 16, 2009

ObamaCare: Hit #5 45% of Doctors would consider retirement or quitting if ObamaCare passed

This poll alone should destroy ObamaCare. It should, but it will not.

45% of doctors said they may quit or retire if ObamaCare is passed.

Death panels, rationing?

If ObamaCare passes, the rationing that leads to death panels would actually have to start even before government run healthcare for all Americans starts. The cuts to Medicare and Medicaid would have to start immediately after passage of this bill. They must ration now in order to be able to pay for ObamaCare in 2013.

IBD article

In my opinion, even if we lose only 20% of our nations' doctors, it would devastate America's health care system.

This is devastating news and should be treated as such. No more excuses for the Obama robots or media appeasers.

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