Saturday, November 24, 2007

Wisconsin: Internet Access Tax

For years, Wisconsin has operated at a competitive disadvantage, which has Wisconsin into the tax hell that it is today.

Our state government's insistence on taxing everything is beginning to cost us in the free market.

One of the most ridiculous taxes that we pay in this state is the internet access tax.

Even the Democrats on the federal level recognize that taxing people to access the internet is a bad for business.

Every single Democrat and Republican voted to extend the ban on an Internet access tax nationwide.

Unfortunately, here in Wisconsin, we are one of nine states that is allowed to charge people a tax just to access the Internet.

Rep. Rich Zipperer has set out to change this policy.

Yesterday, Zipperer had a good opinion piece in Waukesha Freeman.

Zipperer states:

This bipartisan success story, however, has been stopped in its tracks at the Illinois border. Here in Wisconsin, the federal ban will do nothing for taxpayers because here the bipartisan efforts have been in the exact opposite direction. Since the early 1990s, governors of both parties in Wisconsin have decided that filling the government’s coffers takes precedence over preparing and growing our economy for the future.

Zipperer is determined to end this obnoxious tax.

To finally end this tax in Wisconsin and help our state compete in the Information Age, I have authored legislation in the state Assembly that prohibits the Department of Revenue from collecting the tax. My legislation, Assembly Bill 223, will stop the tax, but only if we can get bipartisan cooperation here like that which led to the federal ban.

As a nation, we have entered the technology era and it is ridiculous that our state government insists on taxing people just to be able to access this technology.

Governor Doyle and his cohorts on the Democrat side of the aisle are bound and determined to continue this tax and charge Wisconsinites another $100 million in taxes over the next two years.

It is time for Wisconsinites to put pressure on their government to eliminate this tax.

Call your legislators and insist that we eliminate this obnoxious tax.

HT Spring City Chronicle

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