Sunday, November 11, 2007

Where do your tax dollars really go?

These are the types of things that really anger taxpayers.

Right now, taxpayers are paying a ton of money to have some roadwork done on 7th ave. Most taxpayers understand that if the work needs to be done, then do it. It's okay.

What we do not understand is why we are paying money to replace a bunch of street lights that do not need to be replaced.

The reason for replacing perfectly good street lights?

Apparently some folks wanted the pretty lights!

I clipped this out of the Kenosha News today-

So does every taxpayer get to pick the lights in their own neighborhood?

This is infuriating to taxpayers! Only Racine's taxes went up more than Kenosha's last year. This is how they use our tax dollars?

It would be one thing if the original lights were old and had a problem- they are not!

Good grief!

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