Friday, November 16, 2007

Lions for Lambs: I don't think he liked the movie

I think John Podhoretz, Weekly Standard, really did not like the new movie, Lion for Lambs, starring liberals Robert Redford, Meryl Streep and Tom Cruise.

It seems that alot of folks like Podhoretz, did not like the movie either. It opened up at the Box Office at #4 in the country, in it's first week.

It is rather pathetic that a movie with the star power this movie has, opens up a very distant 4th to #3's Fred Clause.

Lions for Lambs, the new movie directed by and starring Robert Redford, is designed to move us away from the "black-and-white" rhetoric of the war on terror and instead draw our focus to the "gray areas." This is necessary so that there can be a debate on issues--a debate we have been "denied" over the past six years.

I know this because I heard Robert Redford say it before a screening of Lions for Lambs at the Museum of Modern Art, where the movie was met with rapturous applause by an audience studded with has-beens, including a Mohawk-sporting Randy Quaid, Andrew (Pretty in Pink) McCarthy, Adam (Counting Crows) Duritz, and Janine (Northern Exposure) Turner. Redford's main hope, he said just before his film unspooled itself over the course of 88 of the most barren minutes anyone has ever spent at MOMA, is that his new film will make us think. That is, indeed, a noble purpose. So let me say on behalf of the American filmgoing public that we collectively owe an inexpressible debt to Redford for deigning to slalom down from his pristine Utah mountaintop to compel us to make unaccustomed use of our underutilized gray matter.


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