Thursday, November 22, 2007

Bice exposes Ed Garvey as a hypocrite


Two days after posting these words on his blog, Ed Garvey was exposed as a hypocrite by Daniel Bice of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

WMC should not be permitted to buy seats on our Court. We need elections not auctions.

For months and months, Ed Garvey has blasted Annette Ziegler, newly seated Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice, as unethical.

Recently, Ed Garvey had argued that Annette Ziegler should recuse herself from the Beaver Dam Area Development Corp. case because the Wisconsin Realtor Association had filed a friend of the Court brief in this case. The Wisconsin Realtor Association had also donated money to Ziegler's campaign.

As Bice exposes, in the same case, Ed Garvey has also filed a friend of the court papers for the Wisconsin Newspaper Association and a bunch of other groups.

As it turns out, Ed Garvey himself, has also donated money to a different sitting justice in the same case. Justice Louis Butler has taken $450 in campaign donations from Ed Garvey and his wife.

What is Ed Garvey's excuse for this hypocrisy?

He didn't think about it.

"If I'd even thought about it, I obviously wouldn't have sent the money," he said Wednesday.

You have got to be kidding me!

For months and months, Garvey and his cohorts have done nothing but blast Annette Ziegler's ethics.

He didn't think that a donation to sitting justice would be questioned when that is all he has talked about for months????

Also, as Bice points out, the donations by the Wisconsin Realtors Association were made to Ziegler BEFORE she was a sitting justice.

Ed Garvey's donations were made to a CURRENT SITTING JUSTICE!

Clearly, this type of stuff does nothing more than prove that the attempts by the lefties to get Ziegler off the bench, is purely political. They are interested in getting a conservative leaning judge off the bench, nothing more.

Let me be the first to say it-

Ed Garvey and his cohorts should not be permitted to buy seats on our Court!

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