Saturday, November 17, 2007

Democrats piling on the pork(some Republicans too)

After all of the fuss and muss made by the Democrats about stopping earmarks, some these new pork projects are staggering-

The New York Times recently reported that members of the House earmarked an extra $1.8 billion to the military budget for projects the Pentagon did not request. This is despite cutting earmarks by half. The top earmarker at $166 million was the chairman of the Defense Appropriations Committee, John Murtha of Pennsylvania. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California asked for $32 million and majority leader Steny Hoyer of Maryland request $26 million.

Just check some of this wasted money-

  • The Seattle Times detailed last month how Senator Patty Murray and Representatives Norm Dicks and Brian Baird, all Democrats, earmarked $17.65 million to a boat company for a vessel the Navy did not ask for and never used.
  • Murray also earmarked $6 million to a company for battle gear the Army rejected.
  • Representative David Wu, an Oregon Democrat, earmarked $2 million for combat T-shirts that were banned because their polyester was flammable.
  • Several current and former members of Congress, including New York Democratic congressman Charles Rangel and former Senate Democratic majority leader Thomas Daschle, have up to $2 million apiece earmarked for "public service," "research," and "leadership" centers named after them.

Tom Daschle is not even in the senate anymore and he is piling up the pork!

Republicans too...

Republican congressman Ralph Regula of Ohio asked for $130,000 for a library founded by his wife and directed by his daughter.

Congress is out of control.

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