Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I love watching him play on Sunday...

Now I have even more respect for the man...

Aaron Kampman

Which is why the 27-year-old from Kesley, Iowa, population all of 80, got on a plane and met wounded American soldiers in Germany. Or got on another plane to India where he will always remember a 5-year-old girl's warm smile for him, not because of what he did half a world away on Monday Night Football, but because he unwrapped her first piece of candy.

"No one cared (about my profession) and that's just good, you know what I mean?" said Kampman. "As professional athletes, it is easy to have tunnel vision of your own little life. I don't want that."

And so, the more successful Kampman gets in football, the further he pulls himself out of his comfort zone.

There wasn't time for that before.


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