Friday, November 02, 2007

Hey Dems- you do control the state senate

What an absolute mess this year's budget turned out to be. Instead of using the months and months worth of time to fix budget problems, Senate Dems decided that they would push their Healthy Wisconsin plan.

Instead of noticing the massive problems in school funding across the state, they were too pre-occupied with shoving free health care for illegal aliens down our throats.

MPS is now using a massive funding flaw as a reason to jack up taxes by 13% over last year.

Now the Democrats in the Senate are in a panic over the funding problems and are attempting to fix it. Apparently they did not notice the problem before they provided unanimous support to Governor Doyle's budget.

Like good little sheep, they tripped along behind Doyle promising their undying support and all 18 Dem Senators voted with Doyle. Now these same Senate Dems are trying to fix all the issues they overlooked-

Lehman said he believes his proposal adheres to the intent of what legislators wanted when they added $79.3 million to the state's school levy tax credit after they had missed the deadline to put that amount into the state equalization aid pool.

But state Sen. Ted Kanavas (R-Brookfield) said legislators should have been aware of how residents in their school districts would fare with the shift of the money into the levy credit before they voted on the budget.

Kanavas said he was provided with a spreadsheet by the Legislative Fiscal Bureau showing exactly how the taxpayers in his school districts came out with the additional money distributed through the tax credit.

"I think all of us were briefed by the Fiscal Bureau; I know the Senate Democrats were. So saying they didn't know is ridiculous," Kanavas said.

Lehman and his cohorts control the state Senate.

To not know that this would be an issue is pathetic!

Now they want to fix the problem after they screwed it up the first time.

Perhaps these guys should have been worrying about their own constituents, instead of worrying about illegal immigrants getting free health care.

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