Monday, November 19, 2007

Liberal Bloggers: Anger and Nastiness at a whole new level

When should a person say that enough is enough?

The nastiness and the anger out of the liberal bloggers in the cheddarsphere has hit a new low.

Over the last several months, you can just feel the anger and the hatred dripping from their blogs.

Currently their favorite attack method is accusing conservatives of being racist.

It happened to me, on this very post.

Apparently, the blogger on Pundit Nation was upset over a post I made on Jimmy Carter.

Now, there was nothing that I wrote that could have been construed as racist or the KKK.

No, instead it was a twist on my name that gave this particular blogger the right to imply that I am a racist. (Kathy Karpenter FOR Kenosha / Koncerned Kristian Kitizen)

Certainly, this particular blogger could have disagreed with me on the Jimmy Carter issue, but instead the name calling began.

For no reason whatsoever, this blogger implied that I was a racist.

From there a couple of other liberal bloggers continued the name calling. I was called clueless and childish.

Of course, not to be outdone, every conservatives favorite blogger, Illusory Tenant, called me a bitch. For what reason, I don't know. I am pretty certain we have never met.

You may be wondering what has set me off to post this 6 weeks after the original post. At first, I ignored it, but there are other conservative women, having to tolerate this type of garbage.

I am not exactly sure what happened to Jeni at Sheboygan Shenanigans today. Clearly she has grown weary of the personal attacks also. Jeni has also been accused of being a racist, by the mayor of Sheboygan, no less.

The attacks have just gotten ridiculous. There is no rhyme or reason, other than the fact that someone may disagree with them politically.

Why is it that liberal bloggers have so many issues with conservative women bloggers?

I know the conservative men take their share of insults, but the most vile and hateful language seems to be targeted straight at conservative women.

Clearly, no conservative female blogger has taken more personal attacks than Jessica McBride. Every time I post about Jessica, the personal attacks against her seemed to be stepped up even more.(So sorry, Jessica. I could not keep it to myself any longer.)

The vile, hateful personal attacks against Jessica has reached a fevered pitch over the last several months.

The same liberal blogger that called me a bitch, Illusory Tenant, also called Jessica the "c" word. There are no excuses for this type of behavior. When called on it, there was an apology.

Of course, this did not stop some of these liberals from piling on her husband or stop them from dragging her children into this.

An entire website, dedicating to insulting and trashing Jessica, has been created.

How angry must a person be in order to create a website dedicated to trashing one private citizen writing her opinion?

These stuff has gone way beyond out of control.

There is no reason for this nastiness.

Seriously, if the conservative websites upset these people so much that they resort to personal attacks, then just stop reading the conservative websites.

It is just that simple.

I don't know if these bloggers believe they are advancing the cause of liberalism by writing this stuff. You would think that they would realize that they could not possibly be helping their cause.

This is nothing more than pure nastiness. Being mean, just to be mean.

Now, we have all heard the typical excuses for this behavior, so and so conservative said this and such.

It's a crock.

Clearly, it is quite a stretch to take a person's name and use it to accuse them of racism. We expect this type of name twisting out of fifth graders, not adults.

Either grow up or leave the blogosphere.

Clearly, these people cannot handle their emotions or control their tempers without reverting to name calling.

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