Saturday, November 03, 2007

Sheboygan's Shenanigans

The mayor, the police department and the city attorney in Sheboygan are drunk with power.

They have chosen to go after one a local blogger that has been critical of Sheboygan Mayor Juan Perez. In fact, this particular blogger, Jeni, lead an attempt to recall Perez.

Being drunk with power, the mayor decided it was time for a little payback and used his office and other city officials to intimidate this woman.

So what supposed crime did the blogger commit?

Apparently she linked to a public website, payed for by her tax dollars, a website that anybody on the internet can access- the Sheboygan police department.

Well, this is not an illegal act. Jeni is perfectly within her right to link to the taxpayer funded website, Sheboygan Police Department.

I wonder what is going through the head of Sheboygan City Attorney Shephen McLean. What was the city attorney thinking when he wrote this letter to this tax paying citizen?

To further add to the intimidation, Jeni received a phone call from the Sheboygan Police Department about an investigation.

Sheboygan is displaying a government run amuk and drunk with their own power. Apparently the mayor does not like to be criticized and is using public resources to intimidate people.

Like so many other bloggers, I have linked to the Sheboygan police department several times.

I am super excited that Citizens for Responsible Government has also joined the fight. Check this out-

In a show of solidarity, I will add this link to my sidebar.

We will not be intimidated!

We got your back Jeni!

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