Saturday, November 03, 2007

10 Secrets about Men

Normally, I do not comment about these types of articles, but I could not let this one pass.

On my Yahoo front page was an article called 10 Secrets about Men. Now, I did not read the article, but I did notice a photo of this fellow next to the article:

Ladies, let me clue you in to a few secrets that probably would not make any list:

1. Not all fellows look like this

2. They may start off looking like this, but the end up looking a lot different.

3. Most will never be the millionaires they promise to be

4. Your cooking will never be as good as his mother's cooking

5. Your man was probably not the sports star in high school as he claims to have been.

6. Most are not the handymen they claim to be, so keep them away from the plumbing, the car, and most importantly, electricity.

7. Even though your man is probably not the handyman he claims to be, they are pretty nifty to have around when you have a flat tire. Men are pretty good at calling the mechanic after he has fruitlessly attempted to remove the lug nuts.

8. Most men do not really like to fish, they are just trying to get away from your constant yapping.

9. Men don't really like carrying the heavy stuff, so offer to help. Even if they wave you off, help 'em anyway.

10. Men actually believe that they can keep a secret from you, they cannot! You will eventually find out. Play the game anyway.

The #1 secret that men should know about women is that even with all this- WE LOVE YOU ANYWAY! You don't have to try so hard to impress. Men, you would be surprised how far a kind word will get you.

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