Friday, November 30, 2007

Arrested for a blog comment

This one will knock your socks off.

A person who commented on the Boots and Sabers blog was arrested for a supposed threat made on the blog in the comments-

An Oak Creek High School teacher who allegedly praised the actions of the Columbine School shooters and threatened local teachers on a Web site blog was arrested Thursday. The 46-year-old Cudahy man was arrested with the assistance of Oak Creek and Cudahy police departments after West Bend police were notified of a threatening post on Nov. 16.

Yep- someone stepped over the line and he has been arrested.

A school teacher, no less.

If you read through Owen's post on the subject, you will note, based on the comments made by this person, they appear to made by an angry school teacher attempting to make conservatives look bad. Clearly a troll.(if you hang around blogs or political forums enough, you will find out what a "troll" is)

Knowing that this guy making threats was a school teacher himself, this arrest may not go any further. We will see.

No matter what, there is a lesson to be learned here.

There is no such thing as anonymous. If there is a threat or a perceived threat of violence, it is good to know that the police will react and they can easily find out who you are.

Anytime you visit blog websites, your computer leaves an IP address. That address can be traced right back to the computer you posted from.

Remember that when you are posting stupid or threatening comments.


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