Monday, November 05, 2007


I have been watching with peaked interest in the battle taking place in West Bend over the largest school referendum in state history.

The School Board in West Bend is asking taxpayers to approve $119.3 million referendum.

School district Superintendent Patricia Herdrich challenged the accuracy of Americans for Prosperity's telephone message left throughout the district.

The message says the spending plan would cost "$574,000 for each child added to our district since the last time they hiked our taxes."

Block said he approved the wording. The state group is paying for the computer-generated messages, he said.

He explained the $574,000 figure is based on fewer than 270 additional students enrolling since a 2001 referendum.

Such an analysis is "inaccurate and misleading," Herdrich said.

"Our $119.3 million referendum impacts each school and our entire student body of 7,050," not only the enrollment increase of more than 330 students added to enrollment figures since 2001, she said.

Now, I don't know if it 330 students added since 2001 or 270 students added, either way, they are asking for $119.3 million.

This is a school district that has added, at the very most, 55 students per year on average since 2001.

How in heaven's name does a school board feel comfortable in asking for $119.3 million with only an average of 55 students per year being added to your school district?

There are 11 schools in this district, on average, each school is adding 5 students per year.

5 Students per year, per School!!!!

Wow, $119.3 million to add 5 students per year, per school.

Really, the school district has a lot of nerve, being offended over the AFP phone calls informing people of the $119.3 million.

You would think the school district has more important things to do the day before the election on a $119.3 million referendum. Perhaps explaining how $119.3 million equals 55 new students per year is a place to start.

Good Luck, West Bend taxpayers. Get out and vote.

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