Saturday, June 03, 2006

Where's Peg?

An open letter to my fellow taxpaying citizens living in Wisconsin
Dear fellow Wisconsinites,

Where's Peg Lautenschlager? Has anyone seen her? Is she lost? The streets of Wisconsin are exploding with violence and yet, not a word from this state's top law enforcement officer.

Paul Bucher would like to know where Peg is also.

“Where’s the AG? Has anyone seen her? Somebody needs to give her a map to Milwaukee, and some guts to stand up and do something about the violence that’s threatening to envelop our cities.”

“It’s unimaginable to me that the state’s top cop, the person charged with safeguarding our citizens and enforcing our laws is not taking action in what is developing into a crisis.” Bucher continued, “The people of Milwaukee and Wisconsin as a whole need to know that their elected officials are taking action against the punks and thugs that threaten their security. Where is the AG?”
Just like Paul Bucher, Wisconsonites are also concerned about the whereabouts of Ms. Lautenschlager.

To aid in the seach for Ms. Lautenschlager we are providing a recent photo of the missing AG, Peg Lautenschlager below:

If you see this women, please pull her out of the ditch she may be in, sober her up, provide her with a map to Milwaukee, and remind her that she has a job to do until she is ousted from office in November.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in helping find Ms. Lautenschlager. Hang in there, my fellow Wisconsinites and don't be discouraged. We only have to worry for a few more months about Ms. Lautenschlager's whereabouts, then we can hand Ms. Lautenschlager her early retirement papers on November 7th.


The concerned citizens of Wisconsin


Kate said...

Has anyone looked under her desk?

BBG said...

LOL @ Kate. Too funny. You think Doyle is under there with her??? Opps that was Clinton not Doyle. roflmao

jdk said...

Love this one. Great job. I'm so proud this nut is from Fond du Lac. Keep the heat on her, it will drive her to drink!

BBG said...

I know where she is. In court over giving money to groups that support left wing people. Go figure.

Kate said...

I just realized that one no has commented on her most recent wreck. Granted, her husband was driving, and there was no mention of alcohol, but I'm starting to think that the media is giving this woman a pass. Hmmmm... curiouser and curiouser. :)

Anonymous said...

This is my first time on this site and probably my last. These aren't facts. It is so easy to run someone down, because no one is perfect. I don't see much positive about her opponents.

K. Carpenter said...

Actually- the facts are- Peg drove the taxpayer funded vehicle into a ditch.

The fact is that Peg was arrested for drunk driving at the time.

The fact is that Peg has yet to address the crime wave in Milwaukee, even after being criticized for it

The fact is that Democrats are so disappointed in their own Attorney General that they decided to run a Kathleen Falk against her in a primary. The Democrats are actually trying to oust one of their own.

Just because you don't like the facts, anonymous, does not mean that they are not facts.