Thursday, June 29, 2006

House Republicans standing on their principles

Some folks thought I was foolish a couple of weeks ago because I was rejoicing over the fact that the Senate immigration bill would not make it thru the House. The House slammed it. The House dug in their heels and it is beginning to pay off. The Senate is starting to cave in. Perhaps now, we can get the border security that we desperately need.

Boehner stands ground on border-security position

The House majority leader yesterday refused to budge from demanding a strong border-security bill and would not embrace Senate talk of broad legislation that would trigger a guest-worker program and other immigration changes once the borders are secure.

Mr. Bush met yesterday with Rep. Mike Pence, Indiana Republican, who has proposed his own broad immigration plan that includes a guest-worker program for current illegal aliens and future foreign workers, but only after the Department of Homeland Security certifies that the borders are secure. The Pence plan would not preclude allowing illegal aliens to obtain citizenship eventually, but Mr. Pence said the aliens must be required to go home and apply at privately run "Ellis Island centers" in order to come back as part of a legal worker program.

It is great to see House Republicans standing on their principles over their politics. They need to continue to do this.

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