Saturday, June 10, 2006

Freedom to Preach

I read a very interesting article on "freedom to preach". This caught my attention because my father is a pastor of a church in Texas.

As it is, a pastor's freedom of speech rights, have been severely sqaushed. Government has been pounding on churches about what they can and cannot say from the pulpit.

We are well aware of the fact that liberals have been trying to silence churches for years. Any reference to God in public is under attack. For crying out loud, a war memorial with a cross is under attack by the ACLU and the liberals in California. The ACLU and the local government has demanded that the war memorial be taken down because of the cross.

Check out the article, here are some snippets-

Some preachers deeply believe that homosexuality is a sin. What if 'hate speech' laws prosecute them for saying so?

In the United States, religious freedom is the first of our freedoms, and the freedom to preach is very nearly at the core of religious freedom.

So how could it possibly be at risk? In short, when the preaching opposes homosexual conduct or same-sex marriage, prosecutors and courts are much less inclined to protect it. The freedom to preach has already been seriously eroded abroad on this basis, and trends in America are discouraging.

Authorities eventually backed down, but not before restating their point that traditional Christian preaching should be regarded as nothing more than hate speech.

As a result, Pennsylvania's Hate Crimes Law is now a loaded revolver in the desk of any district attorney who wants to attempt to bring to Pennsylvania the sort of prosecutions we have seen in Sweden and Canada.

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